Alien Brother – By David Lawrence

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What if you could gain the powers of a superman: healing, moving, seeing, knowing….What if you could be the best lover she ever had…what if you could save your dying son and give healing everywhere you go..Would you take these gifts? What about the catch? There must be a catch!

The new and gripping Science Fiction Book Alien Brother on The Voice of New York 710 WOR.  If you hear it and buy the book, I will autograph this first Edition for your enjoyment or your collection. E-books are $9.99 from Amazon or $7.99 at Google (they are running a special). The first edition Hardback is $34.95

alien-brothet - David Lawrence

Alien Brother is a gripping tale of intrigue; a story of life and death, and an epic love story.

It has science, politics, and a warning.

It is a story revealing how the warp drive used in science fiction stories works; It is a story that reveals the major cause of cancer as well as a possible cure; It is a story that dismantles the hypocrisy of government a piece at a time like peeling an onion; It is a story that portends what the events will be should certain changes not take place.

Read it and see the world from the Alien Brothers eyes.

Alien Brother is about an alien race, light years from Earth, who have been monitoring Earth’s technological developments, which have caused a fear that Earth may be close to making space travel to planets such as their own light years away. Concerned over Earth’s increased technology and their lack of maturity as witnessed by Earth’s increasing political and social struggles and their apparent inability to resolve them, the aliens have developed a way to travel to Earth. Their initial visits end unsuccessfully. However, they finally master the travel and manage to convince an Earthling to merge with them on the basis this partnership can heal the Earthling’s son who lies critically injured and who can only be healed through the powers provided by the alien. Little does the Earthling know the significance that merging with this alien will cause. Through a series of adventures, the Earthling and a woman friend begin a trip full of dangers and evidence of other aliens already on Earth. The alien through the human finally brings situations to a head with a confrontation with those who are politically in charge.

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